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The Most Unique Way To Provide Healthy Hassle Free Food

Eggs are the near perfect diet foods found in nature! It is shock full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids with just the right amount of lean protein. Don’t skip the egg yolk – it’s one of the best parts of the egg. The yolk is where most of the nutrients are found. Their versatility is great for dieters and people who want to eat healthy. The power packed amount of nutrients found in such a little low calorie egg is unbelievable.Fore more information visit the link;FoodGem.sg.

You will find so many different kinds of eggs in the dairy section. Free range, brown and white shelled – how do you know which one to chose? When considering, remember that the brown shelled eggs were laid by large hens and the white eggs were laid by the smaller hens. That’s the only difference! One is not nutritionally better than the other. The reason the brown eggs are usually priced higher is because it takes the farmer more grain to feed the larger hens. Therefore, the price of the eggs the hen lays are more expensive.

The color of the yolk is dependent on what the hen ate too. The dark yolk eggs were laid by hens that ate wheat and the darker yolk eggs were laid by hens that were corn fed. Whatever the color of the yolk, the nutritional quality is great.

When buying eggs always check the sell by date to ensure their freshness. Check for cracks too by opening the crate and peeking inside. The sell by date is more important than the grade of the egg. All consumable eggs are graded A. The most important fact to consider when buying eggs is the expiration date.

What you can cook with eggs seems unlimited. Hard boil them for great diets foods and tuck them into your purse or briefcase for low calorie mid-day snacks. You can fry them, soft boil them or make egg drop soup. The possibilities are endless. However you cook them – make sure you eat eggs at least 3-4 times per week. You can even eat them everyday. People always thought they caused high cholesterol, but that has been proven false. You can confidently eat eggs knowing there is no better filling low calorie food for your health.

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