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Trends in wedding photography

Wedding photography is a developing field and it needs artistic talent, vision, and superb technical expertise. Technological advancements have brought significant changes in the wedding photography, and it is gradually moving towards diversification. Earlier, the concept of wedding photography was all about making stiff poses. The essence of emotions was missing. The story was almost absent, and there was absolutely no touch of romance around. The photography sequences taken by wedding photographer hardly made any sense. Situations were not captured and no value was given to the emotions. The moments of events taking place behind wedding events had no social significance. But, all of that happened a decade back. The scenarios have changed now, and that’s why we bring into picture the element of cultural shift.

Wedding photography has given to cultural shift. Couples who plan for their wedding these days want not just photographs, but a story. It should be the story of love, emotions and romance. The days of traditional photography went past and so did the pre-planned poses. Recreation in wedding has made a big deal. Talk of the ring exchange, or kiss event or embracing themselves in each other arms – wedding couples plan a pose for the photographs. It is the contemporary approach that follows.

The idea of wedding photojournalism goes in vogue and is quite prominent. Capturing wedding events using the unobtrusive technique of photography has helped in telling the story of love, romance with all that sense of realism. A wedding photographer is around to capture wedding day essence and bring out the tone of wedding ceremony. Posing for one or another type of theme will showcase the real essence. Family’s group photographs, or momentary poses, or just anything that brings out realism- wedding photography is what makes it happen!

A hybrid approach to wedding photography is the new, experimental way of doing the things. This is basically the rightful, balanced combination of traditional and journalistic wedding photography. The photographer will put the focus on capturing every big and small event of wedding day. Photography for semi-posed or formal posed photographs forms the part of hybrid approach.

A more fashionable approach is on the scene. This approach is quote common on popular fashion magazines like Cosmopolitan, Glamour, GQ, American Photo etc. Using the fashion wedding photography approach, the wedding photographer tries to do with romantic interplay and makes the scene rich and expressive.