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Advice for the New Personal Hygiene Products

Millions of people ever day search online for advice about finding the best personal hygiene products for them. Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand, and everyone wants to get the most and best product for the money that they spend on them, but there are so many products out there on the market that people actually spend millions of dollars every year on products that they wind up stuffing in the backs of their drawers and shelves. Some consumers would rather use natural products for their personal care as opposed to the synthetic ones that we have been bombarded with for decades, and some want those that are organic or even home made. There are all kinds of formulas out there containing everything from mayonnaise to egg yolks that are said to be great for hair and skin, but some consumers want something a little less natural. Fortunately, there are products that are completely natural that do not have the main ingredients as those!

The less natural something is, by nature the more artificial it becomes. The problem is that there are so many ingredients and harmful chemicals that are added to these products that people could actually become ill from using them. However, they have no idea that many of these ingredients are in those products, and they also have no idea what kind of harm can befall them when they use those products. People do look at ingredient lists for these products, but instead of looking for recommended ingredients they should be looking out for ingredients that should not be in the personal care products at all. Despite expert advice, some of these products that are common in personal hygiene products can cause things like rashes, nervous system problems, and in some cases there is evidence that they may contribute to cancers.

Almost every kind of personal hygiene product contains fragrance. This fragrance can actually be different combinations of a handful of more than 3,000 different synthetic chemicals. These chemicals have been reported to cause hyperactivity, dizziness, depression, rashes, and vomiting. Isopropyl Alcohol and Formaldehyde are found in literally thousands of items that are available on store shelves today.

Hair products are some of the worst offenders when it comes to nasty ingredients. Sodium Laureth Sulphate and Sodium Laurel Sulphate are two ingredients that are rampant in products. These ingredients are two to watch out for because they have protein denaturing properties. Hair is made of protein, which means basically that these two ingredients contribute to inhibited hair growth, poor quality strands, and damaged hair follicles. What is even more interesting is that this ingredient is found in many shampoos and conditioners that claim to repair and revive hair.