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House of Hearing Toronto will help you find the best way to gain your hearing ability back

Hearing loss House of Hearing Toronto refers to the reduced power loss, which is caused by a problem in one or several parts of the ear, and can affect people at any age. Sound waves usually move through the outer ear canal and vibrate the eardrum. Eardrum vibrations are then passed through the bone of the middle ear to the cochlea (the auditory organ). Cochlear sensory cells were then stimulated and transmit signals to the auditory nerve (hearing nerve) and to the brain. The brain recognizes this as a signal transmitted sound (voice).

House of Hearing Toronto Treatment depends on the cause hearing loss. Your doctor will evaluate your condition and recommend the most appropriate treatment for you: If the hearing loss caused by ear wax accumulates, or foreign objects in the ear canal, ENT surgeon can lift under the microscope. If the hearing loss is caused by infection of the outer ear, you may be given a prescription topical antibiotics. If the hearing loss is caused by a ruptured eardrum, the treatment will be targeted to the underlying cause. Surgical repair may be needed to repair a ruptured eardrum if it does not improve within three months, or if you suffer from frequent ear infections and is associated with the discharge from the ear.

If the hearing loss is caused by certain medications, your doctor at House of Hearing Toronto will prescribe a different medication, or ask you to stop taking the drug. If the hearing loss caused by aging (presbycusis), then there is no cure. The House of Hearing Toronto specialist may recommend hearing aids, depending on your condition. Alternatively, treatment will be aimed at your hearing protection as possible to slow down further hearing loss. Middle ear infection, also known as otitis media. Otitis media occurs due to various causes, including increasing age, viral and bacterial infections inner ear (mumps, measles, influenza), Meniere’s disease (abnormality of the inner ear that affects balance and hearing), and damage the sensory cells in the cochlea due to exposure to acute or chronic against loud noise.

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