Personal Blogs and SEO

As someone who has my own website, that I try to post on every now and then, it wasn’t long before I heard about SEO. I found out that search engine optimization is something that can be done in order to increase the number of visitors that a certain website receives. Now, that’s something I can get behind, even if my website is a personal blog. After all, when you write stuff, you’re not just writing it for yourself. That would be like talking to a wall.

Instead, when you write, you want your words to eventually reach readers and have an audience. So the more visitors your blog gets, the better. The interesting thing about search engine traffic is that it can be pretty targeted and informative, especially if you know how people got to your site. So for example, if you can see that someone was searching for ‘ways to clean a floor’ and then landed at your site, then you know what kind of topic the person is interested in. It can be pretty eye opening when that information is available.

Dating Today

I think it’s interesting that even dating is changing because of technology. And I’m not talking about anything too high tech here. Even such simple things as Facebook and social media are changing the way we date. I was thinking about this because I was watching a show on TV where the guy was trying not to research his date online, because he wanted to keep things surprising. I can imagine that it’s pretty easy to be tempted to do that since it’s so easy to do. You just plug in a person’s name in an online search, and there’s a good chance that you’ll suddenly find yourself knowing a lot more about the person.

Another place, I guess, where dating is changing is how we find people to date in the first place. You have sites like and more where people can go to find tips on dating, as well as possibly finding dates themselves. In a way, it’s a good thing since it can be hard to find interesting people nowadays.

Keeping Things Automatic

I was talking before about how I’m proud of the fact that I can keep a space neat and tidy, even if it’s difficult to do so. One of the things I do to make this happen, is to get used to cleaning things as I go on a regular basis, pretty much automatically. So that means that I set aside a certain amount of time each day, maybe it’s thirty minutes, maybe it’s an hour, to clean a particular part of the house. This is really, really important because it keeps the job of cleaning more manageable. It doesn’t seem like something that’s so hard to do because you’re working on the entire house, room by room, each day.

This whole automatic thing applies to other parts of my life as well. For instance, when it comes to my electronic files, I use USB backup software. It’s a big deal because I only need to set it up once, and then maybe check on it every once in a while. From that point on, the software makes my backups for me each day, without my input. So I save a lot of time, and it gives me a lot of peace of mind.

Where to find the Best Water Tanks

Living in a rural area as I do, it’s important for me to be able to get good deals on things I need around my property. Water tanks are one item I’m in need of from time to time, and they tend to be pretty hard to source online. So I was pretty excited to find out there’s a website called Grabit Online which sells farm and rural gear online – at big discounts – from tanks to clothes to gumboots.

The last couple of water tanks I bought came from a deal on Grabitonline and I have to say I’m very impressed with them so far. They are sturdy and were easy to set up, and after six months of use I’m yet to run into any problems.

My Big Getaway (to Ashburton)

I needed a break recently, so I decided to plan a little trip away. You might be a little surprised to find the destination I chose was Ashburton (actually, if you know me well you’ll know this is no big surprise at all.

My family originates from down there, and many of them are still kicking around. If there’s one thing to be said for our family they refuse to die young. With some of them, that’s a good thing. With others… it’s a bloody pain!

I stayed in one of my favourite Ashburton motels when I was down there, the Bella Vista. They’re a little more expensive than most, but it’s worth it for a little bit of extra pampering when you’re on holiday and it beats staying with my crazy old granny! Love her to bits but the dementia is in full swing!


The Plague Of Wasps Has Ended

Recently a friend of mine was complaining to me about all the wasps in her home, and I had to confess to her that it was such a relief to hear that I was not the only one. So I asked around all my girlfriends and they all complain about wasps. It seems they’re everywhere, and especially in the countryside.

On the positive side, I’m glad it wasn’t because my house is dirty!!! My house is in the countryside and we have so many wasps the ceiling looks black. We have hundreds upon hundreds of the things in our living room, and they come back after every time we kill them.

Inefficient but fun

The electric swatter: inefficient but fun

So I’ve had some fun with an electric swatter, zapping them and watching them go up in smoke (terrible smell though). I had more luck with a traditional fly swatter, because unlike the electric swatter I won’t damage the swatter if I hit the wall with it. I can kill about ten flies with a traditional swatter in the time it takes me to kill one with an electric swatter! So the appeal with the electric one is only as a toy – give it to a kid to swat flies for you. I also tried vacuuming them up, which is fun too, but you need to spray fly-spray into the vacuum before you turn it off or they’ll just fly back out again, the little vermin.

So after having to swat literally hundreds of flies and having a new batch come in again, I gave up and decided to deal with it properly. I rang up an Auckland wasp control service and they came round and fixed the problem well and truly and its been a week since then and I haven’t had hardly any flies at all, its been great. I should have done that a long time ago.

Well, winter will be here soon, and when winter comes the flies will all drop out of the sky. On the one hand I look forward to that day, but on the other hand I’ll miss the warm weather. I’m glad I did that pest control service, or those bugs would have ruined my summer!


Carpet? Meh. Give Me Polished Concrete Any Day

There was a certain point of time in my life when I just gave up on carpet. With all that coal dust going around, carpet was just more hassle than benefit and I’d really just prefer to not have to deal with it. I still have carpet in some parts of my house today – after all, I moved out of my parents home years ago and don’t really have coal everywhere anymore but I still prefer polished concrete to carpet, because it takes the effort out of cleaning up. It looks nicer too, I reckon. New Zealand concrete polishing is really good, the standard of quality is much higher here than it is in other countries, I believe. Some of the better companies that do concrete grinding service are Floorcoat and NZ Grinders, those are the ones I use.

Polished concrete has a nice reflective sheen on it, its almost like having a marble floor! It can really make a place look lovely – much better than normal concrete, thats for sure.

The Coal Miner’s Daughter

Hi, I’m Becky, and I grew up in the house of a coal miner. That in itself is no big deal I suppose, but it means that I’m an expert in keeping the house clean and tidy. Why is that?

Trust me, I would know, and I’ll explain why:

Growing up with my Dad as a coal miner I often had to deal with my Dad’s dirty footprints that he left in the carpet when he came home from work. Coal dust on carpet is not good. I spent hours researching to find a good carpet cleaner, because otherwise I had to live in a dusty house, and I am something of a neat freak, I confess. So after all that research and the years of comparing different companies I have eventually settled on what I believe to be the best carpet cleaners in Christchurch. 

I’m serious. The way I looked for house cleaners would put some Masters students to shame. I know just about every cleaning company in New Zealand and I know how to spot a good one and how to spot a dud. I may be somewhat annoying to live with, but it does make me an authortity in this field.

Anyway, enjoy my blog! More to come in the future.